Digital Labs

4K Rental have created flexible and mobile digital lab services capable of meeting the demands of your production.

Our services include,

  • Ingest, verification and backup of camera mags
  • Sound synch audio to picture
  • Colour and metadata management
  • Transcoding of camera rushes to editorial format media.
  • Creation of dailies for iPad and Cloud uploads.
  • Media QC and reports.
  • Archiving of media to LTO


The 4K Rental team have an excellent understanding of file based Post Production workflow.  Out of our East London E2 office we offer an affordable and reliable transcoding service for all of your data acquisitions.

Our services include:

  • Transcoding from all RAW camera formats to any required digital format.
  • Creation of AVID projects and transcodes to AVID media for editorial.
  • Application of LUTs and one light grading for digital formats.
  • Please contact Luke Kneafsey if you would like to discuss our transcoding service further or to arrange a booking.


Safeguard the future of your production with 4K Rental’s LTO archiving service.

We offer secure backup and verification to LTO5 and LTO6 tapes. Using the LTFS format to archive your important projects the LTO tape acts like a regular hard drive—without the hard drive’s increased risk of failure over long periods.

LTFS also provides file compatibility across platforms so tapes can be exchanged easily between different operating systems and software, meaning you are not tied to 4K Rental to restore your projects and retrieve data.

If you would like to discuss 4K Rental’s archive service further please get in touch.


4K Rental offers mobile editorial services for on location or facility based environments.

Using the latest technology in digital image and audio monitoring, computing and media storage we can offer scaleable packages to suit your workflow demands.

We provide and support both Avid and Final Cut Pro edit suits but if you are used to editing on a different platform don’t worry, give us a call and we will endeavour to meet your needs.

Please contact us at 4K Rental to discuss further.

Monitor Calibration

To truly judge your image on set and in post, it is necessary to have a properly calibrated monitor.

4K Rental offers calibration on a range of HD monitors to the industry standards required for colour critical viewing.

We specialise in HD TV Logic grade 1 monitor calibration as well as many other HD broadcast and digital cinema production monitors.

Our monitor calibration service is undertaken either at our London E2 office, or at your location and offers a simple and affordable way to guarantee an accurate representation of the recorded image you wish to see.

Please contact Andrea Bonomelli with any questions regarding our calibrating procedures or to book an appointment for our calibrating service.